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I never thought I would end up shooting couples full time, it was never my dream. It slowly became a passion when I started to see a new style develop through Instagram. Photographers capturing real emotion, and telling stories of people’s adventures small and wide. Suddenly shooting couples became the fire that lit me up, and fueled me to work late nights and experiment shooting a new subject. Something I was familiar with from my own experience, something that had always seemed intangible was somehow becoming a little more tangible : love


I like to roam. I truly get an adrenaline rush from watching the sunrise in the mountains. I love to sleep in the back of my car on the road, and I feel most complete when I have my Canon 5d Mark iii in my hand. I love to cook, I practice yoga and mindfulness daily, my dog looks like a little fox and is named after Sapa Valley, in Vietnam. I go to several concerts a month, and consider music to be a massive part of my life. 


My take on photography is creative, natural, and wild. I want to adventure together, learn together, and create together. 


it me!

This is a polaroid of me & one of my couples from this past June. They now double as some of my best friends 

My photographer boyfriend from college gave me my first camera. He also encouraged me to pursue an art-based degree, and taught me a lot about love. Loving myself, loving what you do, and loving another human. I would not be where I am today without him. 


When I truly became a photographer, it was through travel. I studied abroad in Italy when I was in school for Graphic Design. Carrying my camera 24/7, and learning about light, composition, and how to shoot manual like a pro, gave me a new found perspective. Through countless hours shooting I gained my technical experience taking photographs of cathedrals, bustling markets, and pasta bowls. I like to think this is when storytelling became a passion of mine, too. 


I worked as an illustrator for two years out of college, I travel and work with an organization called Harvest Craft that does agriculture work in developing countries, and I shoot stories of people in love. Which is probably why you’re here.


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