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it me!

This is a polaroid of me & one of my couples from this past June.

Now they’re some of my best friends



To the right

you’ll find me fresh off a twelve hour bus ride experiencing the Sahara desert for the first time. AKA my fucking element. My incredible friend Cara (maybe don’t click that link, you might want to hire her instead of me) took it.

I came upon photography in college. When I truly became a photographer, it was through travel. I studied abroad in Italy when I was in school for Graphic Design and I gained my technical experience carrying my camera 24/7 taking photographs of cathedrals, bustling markets, and pasta bowls. I like to think this is when storytelling became a passion of mine too. I worked as an illustrator for two years out of college, I travel and work with an organization called Harvest Craft that does agriculture work in developing countries, and I shoot stories of people in love. Which is probably why you’re here.

What brought me to this place of documenting relationships was the rise of candid-natural-photojournalistic wedding photography. A creative venture of making tangible human emotion, of capturing a touch, a memory, a raw moment in a way that brings spirit to life. This is what drives me. This is why I do this. I want to make real the experience of feeling your memories in an entirely new way.