Eu Te Amo Portugal

To Portugal

My heart still soars a little bit every time I hear the word "Lisbon". Wyat and I are lucky, we haven't had to spend much time apart, let alone on separate continents. But in 2015 Wyat studied at a Catalan Institute in Barcelona, and we were Facetime lovers for 4 months. After a tearful goodbye in India, and 74 more not-so-easy days, I ran into his arms in a Portugese airport, and we took on Europe together for a second time. 



We woke up this morning to texts, messages, and phone calls from loved ones, and I couldn't help but feel a sense of relief that I was by Wyat's side, and not across the world praying to hear from him. Paris had been attacked, and all of the world was feeling something very vulnerable. I'll always remember reading "Paris is burning" and the feeling that ignited in my stomach and heart. This morning was quiet, subdued, and warm as we walked hand in hand through the streets, and shared grief and mourn with the city. 


To Porto

Mid-day we caught a train to Porto. We ran, packs on our back, down some very steep hills to catch the train on time. I had read Porto is a place of romance, drama, and wine. 

Porto is a place very high on my list to return to, our 24 hour stint was filled with all of the best things it had to offer (under 5 euro), but I don't know if I could get enough of it in a weeks time. We settled into our Airbnb, on the most beautiful street i've ever laid eyes on (see window view below) and headed out for what we had no idea would turn into a self guided alcohol + food tour of Portugal.

We began at a fancier spot, where we had a smoothie like sangria, and some salmon sliders. We continued to a second place for 50 cent beer, and ham and cheese sandwiches. Next, we hit a burger joint (somehow still going?) which we washed down with beer. Popped into a cafe for a quick espresso, seeing as it was only 11PM and bars don't get going until 1ish, and we were good and drunk. Next was another upscale spot, I believe I had a red wine, and Wyat a Jameson straight (accidental order..). We stumbled down a road to a bar our host had mentioned, and into a few others along the way. When we finally came out we found the streets absolutely flooded with people. Hundreds, and hundreds. Drinking, smoking and being merry. We joined in, and I kept Wyat from buying a street hot dog from one of the many vendors. We headed up the road towards our place, and found a second road filled with bar-goers, so we joined in again. This time with some white wines and no food, but stayed out in the street to enjoy the crowd. When we finally made our way through the windy roads home, I blessed myself with a kebab (abiding by my strictly enforced rule to eat every kebab I see while abroad). We slept very, very well that night. 


Early Morning 

After somehow making it out of bed at a reasonable hour, we spent our day in Porto strolling, with nowhere in specific to go. We sat on a bench for a few hours, actually we sat on multiple benches for hours. We stumbled into a beautiful park with a lookout over the river. We may have ended up missing some of the classic spots and things, but we were mostly just happy to be with one another.