Stephanie + Jon

Stephanie + Jon’s Elopement at Crescent Lake

Stephanie and Jon planned to elope somewhere in Washington, because Steph has always been drawn to this part of the country. Living in Southern California with ties to Texas, she has a deep love for the lush, rich colors of the PNW as well as a special love for the autumn. Together we brainstormed places, and settled on Crescent Lake in the Olympic National Park. We both just felt like it was right, and it was so right. From the start I felt a special connection with Steph. She told me about how when reading my bio, she just kept picking up on similarities and shared values and passions, and when we finally connected on the phone it was the same depth and mutual understanding. Capturing their day was so special to me, we started with photos in traditional Vietnamese dresses, and ended hiking to a waterfall and spontaneously doing their first dance in the forest on the walk back. They treated me like an old friend, and I feel like it shows in the photos. Their day was the most beautiful autumn celebration, I look back to it with so much warmth in my heart.


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