Capeside Lovers

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Marci + Nick 

Capeside lovers 

The first time I talked to Marci she brought up Chet Faker, so I immediately knew we would get along really well. We also have the same name which is kind of a first for me. Basically I was really excited to hangout with them. We met at a brewery right in Pacific City and had the best lunch + beer and did that thing where you talk so much the waitress has to keep coming back over and over to see if you've looked at the menu yet. They are rad and beautiful people and we had the best afternoon running around the Dunes at Cape Kiwanda. We saw whales, drank beer, and listened to Kendrick. They told me how nervous they were for photos, but they're the kind of people who just are so naturally and effortlessly in love that when you put them in front of a camera and tell them to pretend you're not there they turn into models. Thanks for the adventure and for choosing me to be your photographer, I can't freaking wait for their wedding in June. 

x - Marci