Emily + Micheal

Dusk Engagements in the Mountains

Engagement shoots are the best because they’re stress-free, at a casual and natural setting, and a great time for me to get to know my clients better. I knew Em from college, but like with most couples had never really interacted with Micheal. I love watching people interact while i’m shooting, and picking up on their relationship, the quirks, what makes them unique, the different and new ways people love one another, then on their wedding day i’m not learning all those traits for the first time. Shooting with Emily and Micheal was so special because I could really see the ways Emily was making Micheal comfortable, and bringing out the playful silly beautiful little parts of thm. Then pretty quick we were all just running around barefoot laughing and dodging mosquitos until well after sunset. I love the colors in this set, and I love these people.

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