Mia + Brent

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Everlasting Love in Joshua Tree

Mia + Brent

I owed these two a shoot since we never got to meet up before their intimate wedding on the Washington Coast this fall. I'm so happy we waited until I joined them down South, because we got such a beautiful mix of their two worlds (mountains + rocky coast in Washington, and dry + sun kissed desert in CA). Every time I talk to Mia I fall more in love with her, and the connection her and Brent share. They are exactly my time of people- uncommitted to a location or a career, and highly committed to the adventure that lives inside us + this beautiful world we inhibit. 

After we ran around J Tree until well after sunset, they came back to our BNB with us and chatted long into the night. We explored the local pub in the nearby town, and made (more than 1) taco runs. They fit so seamlessly into each others arms, and i'm so happy I have them both as friends now. They are some of the most perfect examples of how when you are true to yourself and your work, people similar to you will be drawn to it and it will result in something so special. 

xo always