Allison + Reiss

allison + reiss

Allison is an incredible photographer who i’ve built a relationship with through Instagram for some years now. She has always been such an incredible support in my work, and when she reached out to ask if I would join them on their 5 year anniversary trip to Iceland, to capture a bit of their experience, I basically lost it. Having people you admire as much as I do her, ask YOU to take their photo, is basically the biggest compliment out there. Not to mention the opportunity to go to Iceland!

For me it had to be a super quick trip, my sisters wedding was the following week and I had shoots booked right up until the morning I caught my flight. We were supposed to have just over 48 hours together exploring.

Allison and Reiss’ flight ended up being delayed, then delayed again, then when they finally got there (36 hours late) their baggage was lost. It was basically a complete nightmare. These sweet babes were EXHAUSTED, had spent an entire day in airports away from home not sleeping, and now had to book it to where I was in Vik to make it happen before I left the following morning. Sleep deprived and in the clothes they’d been living in for days, they finally made it to meet me! I loaned Allison some clothes, they quickly showered, and we headed out to explore. I was really grateful I had been there for a couple of days to know exactly where we should shoot, and how to access everything.

It was so special for me to get to see them experiencing each of these places, I loved every second of it. There is nothing like capturing the authentic feeling of “awe” for the first time as we ran into the mist at Skogafoss, or walked through the endless lupines.

Iceland was such an incredible place, I have truly never felt more free in my life. Driving along the empty roads through the most epic landscapes i’ve ever experienced, I can’t wait to go back. There is SO much left to be explored!