India at last

Guess What? 

I traveled to India in August of 2015. That makes this blog post about... 545 days late. Ok. Here are pics from India. It's real. The palaces look like Aladdin, and the monkeys swing from power lines and apparently go into your fridge and drink your milk, according to our tour guide. My second choice for the title of this blog was "everything but the taj", because there is a separate post over here for that. Don't be too impressed, that blog post took me around 6 months. 

Our first evening we spent at a very special temple, Akshardham (pictures in the distance below). There are no electronics of any kind allowed, but it was such a wonderful welcome to India. 

The next day we visited pretty much everything you could think of in Delhi, Gandhi's resting place (PS does everyone know it's pronounced Gen-DA-hee?), the largest mosque in India (one of my all time favorites), the building that inspired the Taj, the Lotus building, a leaning tower, Old Delhi, the largest spice market and anything that someone would circle on a map. 


Next ventures include the baby Taj in Agra, the Agra Fort which sits across from the Taj, and exploring Agra. 

We ended in Jaipur (the pink city), where highlights include the Amber Fort, the palace of winds, a bunch of monkeys and camels left and right.