Morgan + Vince

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Morgan + Vince

Intimate Maui Wedding 

Morgan + Vince took me along for their destination ceremony on the West coast of Maui. The day started with a morning of ocean views and whale watching, Morgan is probably the chillest bride ever and when I walked in she goes "go sit on the deck and watch for whales!", reminders why I love my job. The first look was one of my favorites, Vince was pacing and so excited to see Morgan it was the sweetest, when he did finally get to he ran to her and gave her a big smooch, then grabbed her hands and practically cheered. 

The ceremony took place looking out at the massive waves, then Morgan and Vince celebrated their newly official promises by sneaking away to a couple of chairs on the beach and enjoying the sunset. Then we all adventured out to a little spit where Morgan was a badass and took some crashing waves right to her dress. The sun peaked out just enough to give us that epic ocean glow on the water, and then we made our way back along the rocky beach to join the rest of the guests in celebrating. Fire dancers, sweet and dear toasts, and lots of dancing under the palm trees closed out the day. 

I'm so grateful for couples like these two, who not only bring me along on the many adventures they're taking, but treat me like family. Who welcome me into their lives and trust me to capture the most special moments. It's people like them who help me to excel at this type of photojournalism. Thank you. 


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