Karli + Kevin

Best Friends Proposal

It may be the coolest part of my job that I can be there for the most major moments in my friends lives, this is something i've really learned this last year. When Kev told me he was going to propose to Karli, I almost lost it. What?! My best friend getting married? Even though i'm 25, my friend group hasn't really started doing that thing yet. I get to help plan a wedding? Dress shop? For my BFF?! You think it would lose some of it's magic when your everyday is filled with it, but IT SURE DOESN'T. IT GETS WAY BETTER. 

So, Kev said let's do this thing on Wednesday night. I said wow, great i'll be there. I went to Karli's lakeside yoga class that night, and mentioned taking a few photos of her and kev to her, just for fun (another amazing perk of being the photographer friend, it's not weird.) I kept sneaking looks at Kevin during our yoga class, wondering how he was feeling. Like, that had to have been the longest 60 minutes of his life. So after yoga, Kev and I regrouped and Karli ran upstairs to change, nobody is as effortlessly beautiful as this girl. She walks out in this amazing dress about 30 seconds later, hair just dropped out of the messy bun it had been in (for days). 

We snapped like 5 photos before wandering out to the dock. Pause for a bit of a back story. These guys met on this lake, 4 summers ago. Two houses down at the summer camp they drove boats at. They will also be married here next summer, does it get any more heartfelt? Yes. Kev got the ring back home in Michigan at the place his Dad, brother, and grandfather got their wedding rings at. He snuck it all the way back to Washington, and picked it out completely on his own. This is super important to me, that the guy picks the ring. It's special, and a surprise, and the part of him that I think makes it so beautiful to carry with you. 

So, I put Karli on the end of the dock, and started to feel my heart beat in my head. I walked a few feet away, and Kev gave me that look. Damn. Okay here we go. I told her to look back, she makes eye contact with me, and I could barely get out (my voice was so shakey) no, look at Kevin. She made the most Karli sound ever, and stumbled forward to steadily say "Yes." grab and kiss his face, and pull him up into a hug. Her family was watching from the deck, and immediately bombarded us for hugs and celebration. The best part, everyone was COMPLETELY surprised, besides her siblings and I. Karli had no clue this was happening, and while her dad knew it was coming soon, her mom was in utter shock. 

Then, our very best friends from college ran down the hill with hugs and champagne. We toasted to our friends, and laughed and smiled and did all of those emotions you feel but can't put into words. Then they ran and jumped in the lake, we ate cookies + ice cream and talked bachelorette parties, how to orchestrate a ceremony at the end of the dock, and wtf is life/tbt to when we were 20 in college? until the sun was long gone. 

I will cherish these moments for the rest of my life. I will never take for granted the ability to capture memories, and to do so for your loved ones takes everything to the next level. It gives me an appreciation for photography that doesn't come everyday, I get to take the photos and be the one who holds them so dearly. It's shooting things like this that really propel me forward in my career, that remind me this is why I do it. I get to be a part of peoples days and make them feel this everytime they look back at these photos. That's why I give it my all. That's why I fall in love with my couples. 

Counting the days to august 10, 2019. 


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