Meghan + Dom

first beach elopement

The sun rose over the Olympics as we made our way to the coast for Meghan + Dominics First Beach elopement. They stayed in the cabins right on the beach, watching whales jump in the bay and enjoying the spotty sun illuminating the overgrown flowers that April in the Pacific Northwest had brought. La Push is one of my favorite places in the world. It has a calming and liberating rush of life in the rocky beaches, and a sense of nostalgia in it's presence. 

Meg got ready in her cabin with her sisters, and I wandered back and forth between cabins and along the woods as the day went along. When she got dressed in her floral lace gown, the sun was pouring in the West facing windows. 

We made our way out to the giant tree driftwood, meeting Dom along the way, and they said their vows as the whales breached behind us and the sun crept closer to the horizon. We ran along the shoreline laughing and cuddling (them, not me ) until the sun was down and our toes were cold. 

Everyone shared dinner under the stars around the most beautiful picnic table i've ever seen, and told stories of love and friendship. 

Thank you for taking me along on your adventure. 



Florals by Petals by Piper