Mia + Brent


Mia + Brent

Intimate La Push Wedding

Not often do you get to work with people that you just connect with on every single level. Mia and Brent had the most special weekend surrounded by their closest people in the most beautiful place. Mia used to work as a guide in the Olympic National Park, so the area was extra dear to her heart. She made her own bouquet from flowers she got at the market in Seattle, hand painted each invite, and got her dress at a thrift shop. Every detail had character and meaning. Everything about the day was about celebrating Mia + Brent, and just pure joy. It was a beautiful thing to be a part of. 


They said their vows under trees, surrounded by driftwood next to the ocean. Mia and Brent making promises over the murmur of wind and crashing waves was such a spiritual experience I had to stop shooting for a split second to appreciate not just love but this world we get to live in that provides us a place to inhabit and do all of these love things. What better place to make those promises than the dead of nature? These two are the epitome of why I love what I do so much. They brought out so much in one another while shining so brightly independently, getting to know their connection and getting to bring that to life was a privilege. 

I will never forget this wedding. 


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This is Bella, she was along for every part of the day. Look for her in the bottom corners of photos, she followed Mia and Brent everywhere they went. She even walked up the aisle beside Mia and stood near them while they said their vows. 

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the coolest bride

the entire crew came out to share the last minutes of sunset together

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-i love you,