Meghan + Dominic


Meghan + Dominic 

Mountaintop Engagements 

On an early winter day Meg, Dom + I set out to venture up to Hurricane Ridge. We drove North to Edmonds, and then took the ferry across to the Peninsula. I never get sick of these trips across the Sound, every single time i'm reminded how blessed we are to live here. Getting into the Olympic Park, the weather was classic PNW; fog, mist, deep ferns at the bases of tall evergreens. As we drove up into the mountains more and more snow scattered the ground, and the fog got thicker and thicker, until it completely cleared and revealed clear blue skies and a sun illuminating rolling hills of fresh snow. 

Meg and Dom were special people to work with, they held each other close and protectively, and the moments were brought to life by the looks they gave one another and the subtle way they sank into each other's arms. I can't wait to shoot their intimate wedding back in the Olympic National Park this spring.