Dominique + Ronye

Sahara Desert Elopement

We spent two nights in the Sahara desert during my time at Immersed Workshops with the amazing Anni Graham and Manda of Mae + Co. Dom and Ronye were such a beautiful couple to work with. Together they’re caring and kind, and completely encompassed with one another’s presence. It was one of the most beautiful sights i’ve ever seen, from the incredible dinner scape by Mae, to the last seconds of the sun dipping behind the rolling dunes. Even though this was a styled elopement, my favorite part to capture was the little story telling bits, the sandy feet, the textile on the camels back, and the endless views. This is my favorite part of being a wedding photographer, conveying how something felt.

Workshop: Immersed

Instructor: Anni Graham

Stylist: Mae and Co Creative

Florist: Brier and Ivy