Sunset at Deception


Hannah + Matt

Sunset at Deception

First of all, thank you to my babe Wyat for letting me tag along to Deception a few weeks ago. It was my first time to anywhere in the Northern Puget sound and I was completely in awe the entire time. The water is BLUE, not the turquoise jump in me blue that you find in the Caribbean but this beautiful pale yet vibrant blue that you know is freezing but pairs so perfectly with the jagged rock forms speckling the shore. I fell in love, and I want to move. 

Hannah and Matt are some of my favorites. They go together like PB + J. Matt can just wrap his arms around Hannah and scoop her right up, they had some of the loudest laughing moments and most serene intimate moments i've ever had the pleasure of shooting. YOU GUYS ARE PERFECT. 

Oh and here is some video I took of the day, sometimes photos aren't enough. 



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