The Taj

The Taj Mahal. The greatest symbol of love. The icon of India. The crown of Palaces. The most prominent place I can vividly remember seeing as a child and dreaming of visiting. A wonder of the world.

We visited twice, once at dusk and again the next morning at dawn.

Traveling, carrying my camera every single day, shooting for the majority of the time, and the diversity of our subjects is what has made me the artist I am proud to be today (along with some help from Wyat). Shooting something like a singular structure is a challenge, there are the shots that you, “must” get, and then there are the shots that you’re constantly looking to make. To be different. To see something in a new and innovative way. And that challenge is what puts the fire in our hearts. We run around like kid’s, looking for light, challenging one another, and sharing our favorite perspectives. Sharing this passion with my best friend and companion is something that I value so highly I’ve come to be unable to picture my life with out, luckily I don’t have to.