I'm going to give a bit of myself back to you in these photographs

Which means we need to get close. Close like inappropriate jokes and sending pictures of our dogs. Close like your fiance will text me for bachelor party recs as far as outdoor activities + beer. Close like i'll get a lump in my throat when I watch you put on your dress, and we'll dance to one of our favorite songs together towards the end of the night. This might not seem important to you, but it's important to me. 

Marcella Laine North Idaho Wedding -0497.jpg


The better I know you, the better I can photograph you.

The more you trust me, the more comfortable I am to be creative. 

the more fun we have, the more authentic the experience is. 

If you're down to get your dress dirty running along the beach, if the most important detail of your day is just the heartbeat next to you, if you like sleeping under the stars, windblown hair and being barefoot, we're going to kill it.