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what to wear


It's time for some photos! I know it can be intimidating picking out clothes for a shoot, so i've made this to try and help give you an idea of how to keep you comfortable, make sure it complements you + the setting, and the logistics to make sure it all works together.

Most important, I want you to look like you. These are just suggestions based on what will photograph 'well', the basics of color and contrast, and the importance of comfort. By no means do you need to dress a certain way, dress 'up' or go shopping to get something new. Please take all of this as loose suggestion, and show up in what you feel most beautiful in.   



First off ,

Movement + Comfort

These two things are key to the entire shoot, and effect how the photos turn out more than any outfit you could wear. 



Comfort in your clothing is the very first thing you'll feel when we start to take photos. If you are insecure about what you're wearing, can't walk in your shoes, or are in something totally tight that grips to your skin, you're going to be hyper-focused on that, and not the person in front of you.  I like to tell my couples to try on your outfits at home, and make sure you can sit, jump, run, and maybe even do a jumping jack comfortably in it. Make sure it breaths, make sure your shoes will work in brush and uneven surfaces, and make sure you feel like a million bucks. 



This is really more in relation to the actual directing of the shoot, but it applies to your clothing as well. Wear something that moves, that will pick up the wind, fall differently around your body, and bring some texture to the photographs. You will be moving the entire shoot! The more you can move in your clothes, the better the photos will be! Sometimes poses end up being really limited if the clothing is too restricted, and without that ability to move the photos naturally hold a lot less emotion.

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colors, patterns, and accessories

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Colors vary for every setting! Determinant on background, light, and skin tones. Typically, I suggest muted colors.  This doesn't mean only neutrals! It can mean bold colors, but not highly saturated. Stay away from primary colors, but variations can be beautiful. Rusty reds, mustard yellows, forest greens are some examples of these types of colors.


Don't think of it as 'color coordinating' with each other, because that generally results in matching. Try to think of it as complementing each other. If one of you is in a solid bold color, the other should be in more of a basic neutral like white or cream.


Think of the setting, and how the colors you wear will interact with it. If you have no idea what will fit with the location we've selected, TEXT ME! I am more than happy to help. Colors can make a statement, bringing a certain mood to the photo. See the bold rust dress in the upper left hand photo, and how it interacts with the cool blues, beautiful isn't it? Compare that to the subtleness of the forest green shirt in the bottom left, which seems to fit in perfectly with the shadowed pines in the background. Totally different, one is high contrast and the other is low, but they both work and bring different types of moods to the photographs. 





Avoid loud, demanding patterns. They tend to be overly distracting and take away from the emotion of the imagery. If you do go for pattern, make sure it's only one of you, and the other is totally simple! Too many patterns can make the image feel hectic and overwhelming. Flannels, muted prints, textures are all total yes's! They can photograph beautifully, and bring some dynamic to the photo. If you're unsure about your pattern, again just send me alllll the pics. 


Texture is amazing. Clothing like denim, crochet, and anything distressed all bring style and pattern to the photo in a totally subtle way, without over complicating it. 

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I think accessories are one of the best parts of dressing for a shoot. They are so fun and bring such a different style and vibe to the outfit without much work, and they're easy to take on / off and switch the mood in minutes. Any and all jewelry, hats, layers, jackets, beanies, are welcome. I also tend to notice that they bring a sense of confidence and comfort! If your man is always in a beanie, he's gonna feel comfortable the second he puts that beanie on. If you're working that new necklace you got that is a little edgy for your style, it's gonna make you feel that extra sense of 'cool' and that confidence shows when we're shooting. 


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Props don't have to be cheesy signs! They can be things as creative and fun as blankets, campfires, your cool old truck or van, a picnic, a bouquet of wildflowers you picked on our walk.. anything! If it fits into your relationship and is a fun part of your life, lets figure out a way to incorporate it naturally into the photographs and add an entirely new dynamic to the shoot.

Pets! Pets can be so fun to bring. But make sure we can easily (and safely!) lock them up somewhere for the majority of the time, since you'll probably want some photos without. They can be super distracting and i've even had some pups who wouldn't stop barking and we had to end the shoot early :( so just make sure we're prepared, and i'd love to incorporate them! Also off leash is a HUGE bonus!  




Hair + Makeup

People always ask about professional hair and makeup, and my personal answer is do whatever will make you feel your absolute best. For me, that's pretty light makeup and messy hair. And yes that photographs totally fine! I don't think you necessarily need full coverage for photos, but again it's what is best for you! Just make sure you look in the mirror and feel like yourself. Be prepared for wind in your hair and probably some kind of moisture, sweat, crazy sun, or another type of element that will pop up and seem to ruin everything, but I promise it won't :) 

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Make sure it makes sense

After all of those tips, one last thing that is super important is to simply make sure it makes sense. Think about the location and conditions we're going to be shooting in, will it be cold? Mosquitos? Will we have to walk very far? I always recommend while we're actually shooting, to not be carrying anything. That way we can switch quickly and I catch candids, (the best photos are always when you actually  aren't looking, even though we pretend like you're not the entire time).  But this means leave the bags in the car!  Heels are almost always a bad idea, unless you're crazy good at walking in them. But still, look how cute and fitting her hiking boots are on the left! We were able to run all over the dunes and she didn't get any blisters or even fall once (even if I did a few times).  


Final Tips


Iron all of your clothes! Wrinkles photograph really bad, and aren't fixable with editing! 

Bring lots of options! Maybe 3-4 tops, and 2-3 bottoms. And then some jumpers or dresses, if you want. That way I can help you mix and match, and depending on weather and lighting decide on the spot what will look best. 

Don't feel the need to 'dress up', do what feels right 

Avoid logos, unless you totally love it. Use your best judgement, if you wanna rock a graphic tee  of your all time favorite band cause that's what makes you feel the most you, i'm all in. 




That's all i've got! 

Send me pics, text me questions, FT me from your closet. I'm not saying I have great style but I can tell you what I think from shooting different types of clothing and people. And remember, it's not all about the outfits and how they will look in the photos, but how you feel while you're being photographed.